Switching from zsh to fish

zsh -> fish


  • fish v2.5.0
  • fisherman v2.11.0

Install fish

$ brew install fish

Set default shell


# last line
+ /usr/local/bin/fish
$ chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish

Install fisherman

$ curl -Lo ~/.config/fish/functions/fisher.fish --create-dirs git.io/fisher

refs: https://github.com/fisherman/fisherman#install

Install theme: bira

$ fisher install omf/theme-bira



# vi mode

# rbenv
set RBENV_ROOT -x /usr/local/var/rbenv
rbenv init - | source

# nodebrew
set -x PATH $HOME/.nodebrew/current/bin $PATH

# abbr list
abbr -a be bundle exec
abbr -a g git
abbr -a gb git branch
abbr -a gc git checkout
abbr -a gs git status
abbr -a o open
abbr -a v vim



  • 2017/03/15
    • Update fisherman version 2.11.0
    • Update fisherman install command (remove homebrew command)
    • Update .config/fish/config.fish
    • Remove set fisher_home, set fisher_config
  • 2016/05/25
    • Install fisherman with homebrew
    • Update .config/fish/config.fish
    • fish_vi_mode -> fish_vi_key_bindings (fish_vi_mode is deprecated)
    • set RBENV_ROOT
  • 2016/02/20
    • fisherman theme: agnoster -> shellder
    • Add fisherman install command

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