• Mac OSX 10.12.3
  • MongoDB 3.4.2
  • Node.js 7.5.0
  • Express 4.14.0

Install MongoDB

$ brew install mongodb
$ brew services start mongodb

Start Errbit at localhost

$ git clone https://github.com/errbit/errbit.git
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle --jobs 4
$ bundle exec rake errbit:bootstrap
Creating an initial admin user:
-- email:    errbit@errbit.example.com
-- password: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Be sure to note down these credentials now!
$ bundle exec rails server -b -p 3001
$ open localhost:3001

📝 Errbit run on port 3001, Express run on port 3000

“errbit:bootstrap” rake task to create admin user. Enter the email address and password displayed on the console.

Add a new app

Install client for Airbrake (Errbit) in a Express application

$ yarn add airbrake
$ npm i -S airbrake

Error Report

Send error information to Errbit when error occurred.

Let’s become a Bug Bounty Hunter 🤠